Posted: February 26th, 2023



Watch on-line an Eastern Tradition (Buddhist, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism) and submit the designated paper by the end of week 6.

Paper instructions for each designated religious service (use the template imbedded in each lesson activity): 

  1. Write a 3-page (or more, if needed) paper about your visit
  2. Give attention to page length and include the following sections: 

    First paragraph includes place and date of service.
    One full page: Detail the narrative of your visit. (e.g., I arrived…then I…)
    One half page: Detail all the aesthetics and symbols in the service
    One half page: Articulate the contents of the message
    One full page: Evaluate if the practices and teachings are consistent with Christian theology. Utilize Morgan to navigate a comparison with Christian theology, at least addressing the doctrine of God, Scripture, and Salvation.

  3. Paper must be double-spaced (or 24pts), Times New Roman font, 12 pt. font, 1” margins, and include “primary headers” for your structure. See and use template embedded in each lesson activity.




Professor Name

Name of the Service

Place and Date of Service:

[Delete]: Begin writing here. No longer than a single paragraph

Narrative of Visit:

[Delete]: Begin writing here. 1page minimum in length

Aesthetics and Symbols:

[Delete]: Begin writing here. 1/2 page minimum in length

Content of Sermon/Homily:

[Delete]: Begin writing here. 1/2 page minimum in length

Evaluation of Service with Christian Theology:

[Delete]: Begin writing here. 1 page minimum in length. Address topics as Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Scripture, and Doctrine Salvation. Use Sproul to help you navigate a true comparison with Christian theology.

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