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REPLY 6-1 SZ (125 words and 1 reference)

Factorial designs tend to me more instructive as they allow for researchers to observe the relationship of “two or more factors”. (Privitera, 2020). Privitera (2020) lists three types of factorial designs: “within subjects design – all factors are within subjects factors. Mixed factorial design – a design with at least one between-subjects factor and at least one within-subjects factor and between subjects design – a design in which all factors are between-subjects factors.” Factorial design should contribute to increased use of experimental designs by marketing researchers. When compared to the various classical designs, the fractional factorial designs will typically yield relatively favorable cost-benefit relationships.” (Holland, 1973)

REPLY 6-1 XA (125 words and 1 reference)

Privitera (2020) shares three factorial designs: between-subjects, different participants are observed one time in each study, within-subjects, the same participants are observed one time in each group, and mixed factorial designs, utilizing both between-subjects and within-subjects. Each factorial design has its benefits when conducting a study. Between-subjects are structured to randomly group participants. Within-subjects decrease randomness as the same participants or subjects is used throughout the study, allowing for a more controlled setting. The mixed factorial design combines the previous two methods, by combining both styles during the same study, different outcomes and observations may occur within the same design as randomness may be a factor.

REPLY 6-2 RC (125 words and 1 reference)

When laying out research designs it is important to figure out which one will work best for the study you are conducting. A control group is very important as well because you need to have a constant and the control group is that constant. A between subjects design would involve an experiment group and a control group. When conducting a study on nutrition and fitness the researcher would want a control group that does not eat healthy lean products in certain proportions and this would be the control group. the experimental group would be the group that only eats certain foods in certain quantities to find out if proper nutrition helps achieve weight loss/muscle gain goals better than not paying attention to what is made in the kitchen. The factorial design with three different variables would include three different groups that would all be randomly assigned to three different variables within the groups. This can be done by picking numbers or coin toss etc for randomization. If using the same type of study you would have three variables such as eating pizza while working out, eating healthy proteins and vegetables while working out and the control group of eating anything they choose. You would compare these variables to each other from the participants assigned to them throughout the groups to determine which had the most positive effect on weight loss/muscle gain.

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