Posted: February 28th, 2023

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To take a supervisory position would be a lot of pressure, but I feel that I would enjoy it. I love being a leader and I find myself to be very organized. My approach would be to try my best to be very connected. I would love to be connected with the employees, services partnered with, the community and more. I think as a supervisor it is important to stay connected in order to maintain the vision and values within the group. I have found that supervisors who are more distant can have difficulty in that. Furthermore, in this approach I will be able to put values in all the different roles a supervisor must play. Supervisors are in control of the organization’s operations, relationship with services and care of the team (Lewis et al., 2012). I believe remembering this division, but the importance of maintaining connection in all areas would be a helpful guideline as a supervisor. 

Characteristics that are important to have to maintain an effective supervisory relationship would be supportive, motivating and a good teacher (Lewis et al., 2012). Supervisors need to support their employees with emotional and mental support when needed (Lewis et al., 2012). Human service careers can be filled with a lot of work which can lead to burnout. This support enhances the relationship, but also provides the right care for the employees. Furthermore, I believe it is important to be motivating for the employees. The supervisor has the role of displaying the values, ethics and mission of the organization (Lewis et al., 2012). This can be modeled in the supervisor’s actions each day. Lastly, a supervisor must  be a good teacher. This relates to the amount of experience and knowledge gained by one in a supervisor position that can be passed down to the team (Lewis et al., 2012).  This is important for the relationship because it builds connection and the team’s overall knowledge. It is interesting to think of what it would be like to be a supervisor. It is a great responsibility, but would have many rewards in the process. 

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