Posted: February 27th, 2023

Response 1 510

100 word response 1 reference


The recent developments that have generated widespread concern for white-collar crime in the United States are remediation agreements using the criminal code. It is stated that the purpose of the new agreement is to provide a variety of factors including promoting voluntary disclosure of corporate criminal wrongdoing; denouncing wrongdoing and providing reparations to victims; imposing proportionate penalties that deter further wrongdoing; ensuring the implementation of corrective measures by the organization and the development of a culture of compliance; and minimize negative collateral consequences for innocent stakeholders, such as employees (Remediation Agreements and Other Recent Developments in White Collar Crime, n.d.) White-collar crimes have created a widespread of victimization. The victimization has led to a large variety of ramifications for those involved. Unlike street crimes, these individuals are left to suffer for long periods of time, and sometimes do not see justice for the events that have taken place to them. In many instances the criminals are not punished for their crimes allowing others to believe that they may contribute to the havoc being caused.

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