Posted: March 12th, 2023

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DB 6 PSY 3302

Imagine a competitive business setting in which you are trying to get promoted. You find out that your direct competition for the promotion has been downgrading your work performance and commitment to the company to your supervisors. Within this context, identify the type of aggression (using Table 11.1 in your textbook) and potential motivation for the aggression your coworker exhibited. Then, explain whether you view your coworker’s actions as acceptable. How would your perception of acceptability change if you considered the coworker as a male versus a female? Why might a change in perception occur (even if yours would not)?

DB 7 PSY 3302

One way I/O psychology contributes to the workplace is through job analysis and creating job advertisements. For your discussion post, find an ad for a job in which you have interest (feel free to be creative). Briefly discuss the key responsibilities of the job, what background and/or education are be required to do this job effectively, and what skills and/or experience are be highly recommended. After reviewing the ad, briefly discuss why these particular backgrounds and skills would lead to better capability on the job.

LDR 4302 DB 6

Why should leaders be concerned with the increasing lack of writing skills in the new workforce? What effect can this have in a workplace? Where do you think the responsibility lies in growing these skills: in the workplace after a hire or on the applicant prior to hire?

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Top of Form

Leaders should be concerned with the increasing lack of writing skills in the new workforce because effective communication is essential for any workplace. Writing is a critical aspect of communication in today’s business world, and poor writing skills can lead to misunderstandings, errors, and misinterpretations, which can have negative consequences for the organization.

Poor writing skills can also affect an organization’s image and reputation, especially in customer-facing roles. It can also lead to lost opportunities, missed deadlines, and increased costs, as employees spend more time clarifying information or correcting mistakes.

The responsibility for growing these skills lies with the workplace and the applicant before hiring. Employers can provide training and resources to improve employees’ writing skills, such as workshops, writing guides, and mentorship programs. At the same time, applicants should be encouraged to develop their writing skills through formal education or independent study and practice.

However, it’s important to note that writing skills are just one aspect of communication skills. Employers should also focus on developing other essential communication skills, such as speaking, listening, and collaboration, to ensure their workforce can effectively communicate with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.

Bottom of Form

LDR 4302 DB 7

Share an example of a presenter whose skills or delivery style you aspire to emulate. Provide a video link from YouTube or other source (if available) of this person delivering a presentation. Discuss the skills you find most effective and why you believe their presentation style and skills resonate with you.

Optional: Many people have inexperience, a lack of confidence, or even real fear of presenting to a live audience. Discuss some tips that you have used or would consider using to make a live presentation a better experience for you as well as your audience.

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