Posted: February 26th, 2023


Business case:  White & Bule Sky Airport Miami FL.

As an IT Manager, you were tasked to improve the performance of the local White & Bule Sky Airport Passenger Processing system.  This is to make the airport more efficient and more secure. 

There are three databases in the Airport Passenger Processing IT system:

1-Passenger database will record and authenticate each passenger in the airport

2-Employee database will record and authenticate each employee in the airport

3-Flight database will record each flight in the airport

Answer the airport owners’ questions about this IT system:

QUESTION 1. At the airport, there is a risk of data storage disk failure (fire, smoke, or flood) which will also damage the disk backup in the Airport IT system data center. What can you do to reduce data storage disk failure?

QUESTION 2 It was decided to move Passenger Database to the cloud.  How can you provide Security for the Passenger Database? Here you should address the questions

  1. a) Security Devices that access the Passenger Database
  2. b) Security of Passenger Data -at-rest
  3. c) End user security. Where the user would be accessing the Passenger Database from the airport  

QUESTION 3 Assume that Passenger Database is already moved on the cloud side. And the airport has fast and reliable network connections.  If the cloud service provider devices fail to operate, then the Passenger Database would be not reachable (Loss of Control).  That will have a huge impact on Airport operations.  

What would you do to Minimize Loss of Control, so the impact would be less?

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