Posted: February 26th, 2023



New established Blue Skies Airport System consist of four airports in the US.

The owners of the new Airport System need your service to improve the cybersecurity of the all airports.


Each Airport has a data center.

All airports are connected to each other via internet.    

All 4 data centers are connected to each other via internet


Airport 1: Washington DC                 Airport 2: Chicago, IL                        

Airport 3: Los Angeles, Ca                                 Airport 4: Dallas, TX 

QUESTION 1 : How to properly perform vulnerability assessments in Blue Skies Airport system,

RESOURCE : to an external site.

QUESTION 2 : FireEye breach explained: How worried should you be for the security of Blue Skies Airport system?

RESOURCE : Links to an external site.

QUESTION 3 Which  penetration testing tools  should be used for Network Assessment for Blue Skies Airport’s IT systems?

RESOURCE : to an external site.

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