Posted: February 26th, 2023

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Brainshark replacement Assignment – For students who are unable to access the Brainshark please complete the 2 written assignments below:

1. Write at 2–3-page paper on the following:

Research a culture that is different than your culture and identify the different ways your selected culture handles stress and loss.

· Include a minimum of 2 references

· APA 7th


edition formatting (see files for template)


2. Watch videos (3-youtube links below) of Empathy and Sympathy. Write a 1–2-page paper:

· Discuss when it is appropriate to use empathy and sympathy as a nurse, friend, or co-worker.

· APA 7th edition formatting (see files for template)

· Include a minimum of 2 references

Youtube Videos:

· Empathy vs. Sympathy

video links: to an external site.

· Empathy or Sympathy: Which are you? to an external site.

· Empathy vs. Sympathy to an external site.


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