Posted: February 28th, 2023

see attachment for instructions

Watch the video and answer the questions below…

Discuss 3 ideas/concepts that surprised you the most and explain why?

(Write at least 3 thoughtful short paragraphs for each idea).

(Up to 3 pts based on quality and thoughtfulness of response).

Question 2


(Mandatory) (3 points)


Discuss at least “3” solutions the speaker proposes to reign in healthcare costs.

(State each solution and describe how it would impact costs in 3 short paragraphs)

(Up to 3 points for this question depending upon quality of response)

Question 3 (Mandatory) (4 points)


Do you agree with the speaker?  Why or why not?

(Provide at least 2-3 thoughtful paragraphs describing what you agreed with/disagreed with, and why.)

(Up to 4 points depending on quality of your analysis and thoughtful response)

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