Posted: February 26th, 2023

SEI/301: Advanced Structured English Immersion Methods

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Throughout this course, you are required to create an integrated or a targeted ELD lesson each week. These lessons will challenge you to be creative and think about how you would support all learners, especially English learners, in your class. 

Select an elementary grade level (K-5) to focus your weekly lessons on.

Look ahead and
review each week’s assignment: 

· Week 2 – Targeted Instruction: Reading Lesson

· Week 4 – Integrated Instruction: Social Studies Lesson

· Week 5 – Targeted Instruction: Writing Lesson

· Week 6 – Integrated Instruction: Science or Math Lesson

Use the

Wk 1 Assignment Template

to complete your assignment.

Identify at least 1 differentiation strategy and 1 support for each lesson. Include differentiation strategies and supports you would implement in each week’s assignment to provide quality instruction for students at all levels.
Provide a rationale for each differentiation strategy and support you identify. Be sure your lesson idea, differentiation strategies, and supports are grade-level appropriate. 

Consider reviewing this week’s readings from
50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners as a resource and the ELD strategies from the AZ Department of Education:


English Language Development Strategies in Mathematics


English Language Development Strategies in Science


English Language Development Strategies in Social Studies

Refer to the grading rubric for details on assignment expectations.

Submit your assignment.

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