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Selecting Your Fantasy JGR Team



Over the last few weeks, you have  learned how to start identifying the roles and skills needed to build an  effective team. You have also discovered methods for selecting and  evaluating potential candidates. Now it is time to put your  team-building techniques into practice by participating in a case study  with real employees from Joe Gibbs Racing! This assignment gives you an  opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of actual team building  techniques and leadership qualities. In addition, this assignment  prepares you to complete your final course assignment, A Report for Vice  President’s Approval of your team, due in Week 10. 


Imagine that you work at JGR. The CEO  has tasked you with being the Team Leader for a committee that will plan  a one-day summer team-building retreat. All JGR employees will be  attending the event. The purpose of the retreat is to foster unity,  trust, and cohesion between the organization’s employees. The event will  start with a welcome and introduction, and then everyone will break out  into group team-building sessions. The whole team will reconvene for a  company-wide lunch, followed by a keynote speech. As the Team Leader for the event planning committee, your job is to choose four other JGR employees to be on your committee. 


Download the

Week 7 JGR Roles and Employees [DOCX]

. In the Week 7  document, read the four role descriptions, Logistics, Budgeting,  Programming, and MC/Host. For this assignment, you will choose four team  members to fill these team roles. Watch the  Week 7 Strayer Talk, Building Your Team: Finding the Right Balance,  which describes the 10 JGR candidates you may choose from for your  Fantasy Team. Brief information on the candidates is also provided in  the Week 7 document.  Complete a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following: 1. Describe the role of Team Leader and how you will fulfill that role. Explain your skills and personal strengths needed to be an effective team leader. Think about  your personal DiSC assessment results from JGR100. What is your DiSC  work style, and how will you select team members to complement your  skills? What will  you be responsible for as Team Leader? What will you handle personally,  and what will you delegate to other members of your team? 2. Select a candidate for each of the four roles described above, and justify your selections. Review the candidates by viewing the Week 7 Strayer talk and the document JGR Employee Profiles. Consider how each choice’s particular skills and personality will help them perform their role successfully. How do these  team members’ strengths complement yours? What skills and/or  personality traits do they have that will help your team in areas where  you feel challenged? Explain how chosen team members complement you in more than one case. 3. Create 10–12 Microsoft PowerPoint  (PPT) slides for the JGR CEO in which you present the team you have put  together for the one-day summer team-building retreat. Include a title slide and reference slide, in addition to the required slides (not included in the 10–12 slide count). 


Week 7 JGR Fantasy Team

JGR Fantasy Team Roles

Read these role descriptions to prepare for selecting your JGR Fantasy Team.

Logistics: This person is responsible for coordinating the nuts and bolts of the event: from scheduling to arranging travel to making sure there’s food on the table at lunchtime… just to name a few! The logistics person needs to be able to multitask and be organized, proactive, efficient, polite, and calm under pressure. They must anticipate all the needs of the day while at the same being able to adjust and resolve any unexpected problems. It’s a challenging role, but tremendously satisfying for the right person.

Budgeting: This is the numbers job, the person responsible for keeping track of all the costs of the event and making sure expenses do not exceed the amount of funds in the budget. This person needs to have excellent math skills as well as being precise and detail-oriented. They may be called upon to problem-solve financially, so they cannot be too rigid in their approach to situations, but at the end of the day, they need to be a stickler for numbers.

Programming: This person is in charge of what participants take away from the event. They will research, write and plan the activities for the small group team-building sessions, as well as determine who will be the keynote speaker and what that person should speak about. The programming head needs to be a creative thinker who can come up with interesting, relatable and practical ideas that will make the event worthwhile and memorable.

MC/Host: This person is the “face” of the event. They will be manning the microphone beginning with the introduction at the start of the day, and guiding participants from one activity to the next with clear, concise direction. This person should be a “people person” and enjoy interacting with the public, and an excellent communicator, able to speak off the cuff in a smart, clear way — even if something during the event shifts last-minute.

JGR Employee Profiles

You will select from the 10 candidates described here and in the Week 7 Strayer Talk, Building Your Team: Finding the Right Balance.

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