Posted: February 26th, 2023



 (All answers must have 5-7 sentences each, written in your own words)

1. What are semi-conductors? Give two examples. 

2. What is Fermi distribution.

3. What are p-type and n-type semiconductors.

4. Explain a process for fabricating p type and n type semi conductors.

5. What is p-n junction?

6. What is the difference between photo electric effect and photo voltaic mechanism? 

7. How batteries are different from photo voltaic cells?

8. What are different technologies used for improving efficiency of a photo voltaic cell?

9. What is multi junction cell? Explain how the efficiency of a cell improved using this techniques.

10. What is shockley-quesser limit?

11. With a diagram explain the process of solar-electricity generation in a p-n junction cell. 

12. Explain the power and Voltage characteristics of a typical solar cell.

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