Posted: February 26th, 2023


For the Module 4 SLP assignment, think about a significant organizational change that occurred in your workplace. Think carefully about the steps taken by management during the change process, and the organizational change processes and concepts that you read about in the background materials. Then write 
at least a 2 full-page page paper and include 2 scholarly sources from the required and optional reading list addressing the following:

1. Describe the change that occurred in your workplace, and list the major steps or stages involved in this change.

2. What stages were successful during this process, and which ones were problematic or handled poorly?

3. Do a side-by-side comparison between the steps you listed in your answer to Question 1 and the steps used in Lewin’s three steps, Kotter’s eight steps, or the five-step approach of action research. What were the key similarities and differences between these models and the ones used in your organization?

4. Based on your answers to Questions 2 and 3, do you think the change process would have gone better if management used Lewin’s three steps, Kotter’s eight steps, or the five-step approach of action research? 

SLP Assignment Expectations

1. Your 
SLP should be at least 2 full-pages in length (not including title and reference pages).

2. Be sure to 
cite and reference (using APA Style) a minimum of 2 scholarly sources

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