Posted: March 11th, 2023

strategic Communication

The CEO has now asked you to develop an official piece of communication to distribute to employees about the implementation of a company-wide ethical framework. Strategize how you will include all employees at all levels in the development of the solution. You will need to address how employees in IT and in the company will be part of the solution. You will need to discuss the type of guidance that will be given to employees, how they will communicate with you and your team, how revisions will be done, what, if any, auditing tools could be used and any other areas that you think might be relevant.

Finally, the CEO would like a very high level deployment and integration timeline for implementation of the new policy and code of ethics. At this stage, it can be some implementation steps and an estimated timeline.

The finished product should be a comprehensive memo, including references, directed to the board of directors and CEO.

Be sure to review the content on the Course Project Overview page to gather all necessary information.

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