Posted: February 26th, 2023


  1. Read “The Sleeper.”
  2. In at least a paragraph, summarize the article following the summary rules from this unit.
  3. In at least a paragraph, respond to the article following the response rules from this unit.

What is a summary? What is a response? This page will guide you through the basic principles of creating both a summary and a response. 

Summaries, which ask you to state the main idea(s) of a reading, are one of the most commonly assigned tasks in community college. But how do you do them? They seem like a writing task, since most often you are asked to write a summary. But actually, they are a reading task first. You are being asked to read something, often something really long, and find the main ideas and put those ideas in just a few sentences. This is a very sophisticated task! Below are some tips and templates to help.

Please watch this 3-minute YouTube video that will explain summary:

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