Posted: February 27th, 2023

Tech Brief on Current Alerts


Assignment Objectives:  Choose an Alert closely related to the weekly topic and write a concise summary using the template.

Assignment Directions: 

  •  The US Government Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) provides timely notification to critical infrastructure owners and operators concerning threats to critical infrastructure networks. Each week, review the National Cyber Awareness System website.   
  •  Choose a topic closely related to our weekly material and write a concise summary using the organizational template and example
    Organizational Template x 

    Organizational Template

    A. Identify the Vulnerability Type(s)

    B. List the Impact

    C. Analyze and Outline the Mitigation Plan

    D. Source


    A. Vulnerability Type:

    Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity

    Active Scanning: Vulnerability Scanning

    Spearphishing and Social Engineering Methods

    B. Impact:

    Remote Code Execution

    Directory Traversal

    Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection

    Web Shell Uploads

    C. Mitigation Plan:

    1. Network Segmentation: use proper network-protection devices to isolate industrial robots that need to process data coming from other networks, possibly with a physical cable, to make spoofing only possible to an attacker who is physically onsite.

    2. Secure Programming: in addition to adopting secure network architectures, system integrators should promote secure programming guidelines among their control-process engineers and programmers, to minimize the attack surface exposed by automation code.

    3. Automation Code Management: knowing and keeping track of the automation code produced by a system integrator and running in a factory is a fundamental prerequisite to find, manage, and resolve vulnerabilities and other security issues that may arise.

    D. Source: AA20-304A (

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