Posted: February 28th, 2023

U.S. History 2

🌟Optional Extra Credit🌟

This homework is
not required. It’s entirely optional for extra points if you happen to like podcasts, and not everyone does. 🙂
Just do not use information outside the podcast here.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to better understand American imperialism around the turn of the twentieth century, most especially fighting the insurrection in the Philippines.


· First, read
US History, Chapter 22. (Perhaps make some notes about American imperialism.)

· Second, go to
AMERICAN HISTORY TELLERS or wherever you get podcasts (Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc.) to listen to the first episode on the Philippine insurrection (
“Philippine-American War: Into the Jaws of the Dragon”),
and you get even more extra credit for reporting on episode 2 (and even 3) Here are some helpful links:

Another link option is here:

Listen to the entire podcast, and

take some notes
to make writing your post easy.

· Third,
create an original discussion post in which you share key history you learned or found most interesting in a minimum of 300 – 400 substantive words that do NOT include any personal commentary about whether you liked
the podcast or no.
I’m looking for history facts from the podcast. You may absolutely include that, share any opinions you like as much as you like, but you must have a minimum of 300 words of relevant, substantive historical content from the podcast, and not just from the very beginning.😉 (If you wish to get even more extra credit, do the same for the second episode and even more on top of that for the third, if you get fished into the story.)

· Replies are not required, but most welcome.


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