Posted: February 27th, 2023

Unit 6 DB: Personality Testing – responses


1.I think the personality test was pretty accurate in reflecting your personality. My results came in as Extroversion, which explains me to an extent. For one, I am a very emotional being sometimes more than I would like and others may say I care too much about others feelings. I am a very open when it comes to family I am an outgoing person and I am social. However there are times were I just want to be in my own bubble. With my line of work I have to be very social and talk to people all day. When it comes to events or family function I am always chosen to be the host or asked to provide the entertainment.

With test such as the Big Five Factors, I think it is very beneficial to help learn someone’s personality. Sometimes it is hard for one to open up to strangers. I was this way the first I met with my therapist but I was first asked to fill out some forms and answer some question although I felt uneasy at first it was a huge ice breaker for me. I can definitely see this as begin beneficial in such was.

This test, in particular, can be used by employers when looking for new hires. If answered honestly, someone that tests higher in Factor III (agreeableness) would be a great asset to a company due to their friendliness and optimism. 

2. For the most part I do feel that the test did match my personality. 

The Big Five Traits are:  

Extraversion : Enthusiastic, sociable, funny, positive attitudes, friendly, talkative etc.

Agreeableness : Kindly behaviour, cooperative, polite, adjustable etc.

Openness : Sensitive, creative, intellectual behaviour etc.

Conscientiousness : Goal achiever, patience, responsible, positive attitude etc.

Neuroticism : Shy, depressed, fear, anxious, jealousy, guilt etc

(Feldman, 2020, p. 229)

    I scored really high on the Extraversion which was not a suprise to me at all.  I have always been told I talk to much and that I am a social butterfly.  I can usually make freinds anywhere I go and am able to hold a great conversation.  I also scored high on agreeableness and I could see how these two things actually go together.  I scored a little lower in the Conscientiousness part which is understandable becaues I am a little scattered brained and disorganized at times.

    I do feel that test such as this do demonstrate a good way to examine personality differences if the person answering the test anser truthfully.  I know that for a lot of jobs I have applied for we get these type of questions to determine if they want to hire you.  I always try to answer truthfully but I could easily see how a person could answer a question the way they think the person hiring would want them to.    

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