Posted: February 26th, 2023

Video Reflection

 1) Watch the Literacy Lesson First Grade video.
2) Describe 3 different strategies the teacher used to facilitate student learning. Explain why
each strategy was effective or ineffective.
3) If you were teaching this lesson what would you do differently?
4) Identify a scripture that aligns with the teaching strategies used in this lesson or your
suggestions for improving the lesson. Explain why this scripture is relevant to your
review of the lesson.  

200 words full instructions attached

video transcript also attached via pdf

Books Used 


Gutek, G. (2014). Philosophical, Ideological, and Theoretical perspectives on Education (2 ed.) Pearson. ISBN: 9780132852388.

Liberty University Custom: Slavin, R. E., & Schunk, D.H. (2021). Learning Theories. (3rd ed.). Pearson. ISBN: 9780136956334.

EDLC 504

Video Reflection Assignment



The study of learning examines how individuals acquire and modify their knowledge, behaviors, skills, and beliefs. By understanding how learning occurs, exploring what motivates students to learn, and studying various learning theories, leaders can craft effective learning environments and teaching approaches based on the diverse needs of their learners. This assignment is designed to allow you to examine student-centered and constructivist approaches to learning in the context of a biblical worldview.


1) Watch the
Literacy Lesson First Grade video.

2) Describe 3 different strategies the teacher used to facilitate student learning. Explain why each strategy was effective or ineffective.

3) If you were teaching this lesson what would you do differently?

4) Identify a scripture that aligns with the teaching strategies used in this lesson or your suggestions for improving the lesson. Explain why this scripture is relevant to your review of the lesson.

Write at least 100 words to describe and explain the effectiveness of each strategy. Write at least 100 words in response to question/prompts 3 and 4 above. At least one in-text citation from a course textbook and/or a scholarly journal article should be used to support the description/explanation of each strategy (at least one citation per strategy/explanation). At least one citation should be used to support the response to question/prompt 3 above. Responses must follow current APA format and the assignment must include a title page and reference page.

Hands on your head, somebody that you’re a good job. Today. We’re going to talk about our story long ago and far away. And our question of the day is our world the same as it was long ago? What’s our question? The thing? Too long. Before we get into all of that, let’s review our background knowledge word, alright. I’m painting of a word that means something that you do when you’re looking to be occupied during lag? Do you remember what word that was? Weights about? Whisper the answer and this is something you do. We said watching TV, going, shopping. You, the reading of books, something you do for fonts or relax to remember what the word was, really answer your hand and release. Painful is one of the things that we do for entertainment. Remember we said it’s something that you do to relax. Now, this is a word. It’s not happening now. And it’s not happening a couple of days from now. It have been already. What’s that word without waiting for the answer in your head, it happened yesterday that have been well over a century ago. It’s not the president, it’s not the future is. I’ll pass this work. It had been 100 years ago. You remember it. Happy to walk the hands up already have been 100 years ago. It has that soft see now that the beginning there, remember what it was. It happened 100 years ago. Do you remember what that word if you don’t remember. If you remember, blow the answer in your hand. What’s that word? But what has happened over 100 years ago, and really for the jury to remember the word, and it means what had happened. What not just the longtime ago, how many years ago? Over 100 years ago. And talked to your partner is the same as it was long ago. What has changed? They had card long time ago. They had telephone the long time, but now they have both types. A long time ago. Your partner, who’s changed for a long time ago. How good our current model. Hello. I am a remote control. I think, I guess. I’ve heard some great answers. Who wants to share for how things have changed that long ago? Remember, we’re going to listen to repeat Joseph, how it changed in the long time ago. A good sentence starter in the past. In the past there were no telephones. I like what Joseph said, let’s repeat. And there are no good the child is read our story today. We’re going to do a picture walk first and make prediction. And then we’re going to flip. And we’re going to have our graphic organizer to take notes to open up your book. Let’s make some predictions about what our story is going to be about. Shelby via worked for your book ADP story. What page with our stories start on day 3 times 7. I mean, by good. Open up to page 75. Opened up to page 75 and do a picture or make a prediction about what we think our story going to be about. Go ahead and flip through the book. What do you think? The about page? Look, what’s happening. Joseph, ready? Muhammad’s ready. Let’s look at this page. I can tell already that this is not even a picture on this page. This is what is that? It’s what we do in our class. It’s like, what is it? It’s not a riots called a painting. Long ago. They have camera, we go burns or venture. Is this the past, present, or future or wait. This first picture, look at it. There’s no camera. It’s not a picture, it’s a painting. So we have three choices, past, present, or future through and you’re handling. What is that first picture is, it will allow me go over a century ago in the past. Is this picture happening now, looking at the detailed, do you have those things that they’re using in your house now, look at that close, look at their clothes. Is this happening past, present, or future are really good job. Let’s stay together there. Now let’s look at the picture on the other side of our book. There’s a big difference. First is a picture that was taken with a camera. There’s a board game, There’s thoughts, thoughts, couches, look at the way that the people are dressed. There’s lots of differences between the two pictures. If this second picture, past, present, or future, blow the answering or here is the second picture, past, present, or future. Does that look like where you live right now? This picture right here, does that look like where do you look bloated? But once you give the answer in your head, is that passed? Hold it up high. Show me that you know your answer. Show me that you’re a 151 day smarter, good job. Our second picture, past or future release. It could be the future, but it’s happening now it’s happening and the President have adapted in the future. We would think that they haven’t invented yet. Like maybe the couch would be floating, right? Or maybe they might be a robot, right? But this is happening now. It could be the future, but if it was the future, there would be some other things like robots and something like loading or your partner talk about what do you see that’s different between the two pictures? What’s different about the way the lady is cooking in the past and then the way that we coat now today go. All right. Good job. Who can tell is one difference that they see from the past to the present in our queue pictures, nice and loud eliciting that you can share, Marie, it nice them out. What’s one thing in the bread? Is it? Yes, Good job. Let’s repeat what Maria said. It. The mom is cooking on US DOE is that a good observation? Good job. Though. It looked like she would using watts, something really that might have been really dangerous to cook. It’s not as safe as the stove. It looks like she was using what’s in the stove to cook. What was she used the moment. Very good. I like what Muhammad said. Let’s repeat in the past, she with you, They do. We think that’s a thumbs up or thumbs down with the saved like No, I don’t think that was saved. Even gone up or down. Yeah. You can burn yourself. Do we agree with desire? Could she have burned herself? She could burn her hand or she could burn. Let’s make our prediction for prediction. You have your C hold up your seat. Your prediction, your name should be on it. We did a big trough. It gave us the sentence, starter, I pay. What should we say? I think the story will be about what? I think. You can say, path to the present. I think the story will be about what Lord. What had been long would go one more and then you’re going to start to write. Yes. I think what’s different from the good job penciled up in their head, go up in the air, the regular right? All right, go ahead and make your predictions about what we think, the storyboard and you get your prediction. Grab a clipboard, going to see them. I saw your hand. Grab a clipboard. Good job. Pencil up in the air when you’re ready to write, show me that you read or a pencil up in the air. You’re done. Middleman n. Okay, we’re using our ears. And when I say phone, you can take up your pencil down notes about our stories that we have them to go back. Are we ready to do the job? What it talks about what Gonzalo? Well, the story talks about I hear somebody talking about being a good learner. The story talks about how homes were different. What did it say about the past? In the past, everybody live in how many rooms? One root. And it says in the present, a house can have. Agree with what Ben said? Yes. Did you have the plant, your vegetable oil? We go. Can you just go to the grocery store today? Yeah. Can you just go to the grocery store to get vegetables? Store? The grocery store or a Walmart is a grocery store. So let’s write our friends and this is for, is this dark beginning, middle, or end. So long ago? Long. Go to the penicillin time now, I know that you’re ready. Good job. We’re going to show Mr. Myers our fillable walks. So put your pencil a time out and stand on up, stand on. I gotta get out. Then it on up. Remember you bow direction. They’re bred. This washer. There. Was this counter. Have to raise your hand or almost tell me, don’t look at the block. Right? I’ll add very vague. Very good job. Good luck to you as the former clients. And a Roth IRA, if you are driving game, what do we do when we hit a period? Why do we do when we add a question mark? What do we do with the exclamation point? Are we reading nonsense words? We’re reading the word on the finger pointer up in the air. The first word a, what’s the word? Lead 3? A whole one room and he bought a lab in. They grew to day. Poles can add many. Good job. Turn the page to jump for joy. Do you want to do our mice were very like quiet church mice. Finger points are following along as we read. When you’re done reading for translating somebody that you’re a you already did not even present. Okay, let’s revisit the requests you wanted to do. The nutty professor reading ready, vigor, where you’re up in the air, landed on the word. Now what? We’re ready. Do a good job. You guys are doing. Great. I’m going to get y our gesture. Let’s show this. Mr. admire, how we read with gestures. Corporate partner be okay. Remember at the end of the sentence, we’re going to do a gesture to act out what we just write. Alright, let’s go for finger pointer over the air. The first merch is back. What’s the word? Go ahead. That kid helped out a lot. A boy help that plant crops. How do you do when you’re playing the part? I like that too, Ben, Good job. Good. Let’s go. Girl, held inside the home. So you can you can make a K Good job. She may thought thought. It takes a long time to make those things. You can make sewing, you can get good jobs. You can get a good job a lot. You can do that Good job. Finger pointer up in the air. Because whenever I feel like yeah, I’m going to show your small group work. Bottom in a chair, finger point, fingers. Paying attention. All right, Let’s even paying attention. Good job. Fingers. Lot. Showing me that you’re already sitting. Just play area. Just like desire to thank Mohamed, just like wind in your first center. This is really cool for boys and girls. There’s two books you’re going to luxury cars from the past and cars from the president. You’re going to observe and analyze the pages and write down your observations, right? You’re going to say how part look like in the past and how they look like in the president. So remember we talked about how cars have changed before they had cars, they use horses, look how different they are declared a little like that today. I am. And you’re going to get to look through this hole. Both of these books didn’t record your observations back here. And then the next one, we’re going to work hard on our dictionary scales. You have the word past and you have the worst future. You’re going to look the words that you’re going to write the definition. And then you’re going to draw, what does the future look like? Do you remember I said the future, we’re probably going to have what? In the future helping us grow. We’re probably going to have cars that not drive they are, right? That’s what the future, that’s what’s actually look like to you. You can come back here and do that. And then with me up here, we’re going to compare youth, our textbook to compare and contrast things that happen like that home in the past, life at home in the president. And so things that are the same. So do we still cook? That we started cooking in the private. Now, it’s just easier and the friends and we still cook because we still have to 1 e. All right. Hold up your graphic organizer and turn to the last page. The last page where we have to wear a pill. You show me that you’re ready to write your opinion about living in the past or the present. I feel desires ready. Here is ready. Ready, ready. Ready. Ready to jump to jumps from you that you already. Did. We talk about it. Go world are the same and the path or the prime that if we make our predictions with some of our predictions correct, why did we take notes on our story? Wow, we write our opinion. Well, that’s what we’re going to do now. We’re going to write our opinion. Yeah, we’re going to write our opinion of whether we like to live in the past or the present. You guys did such a good job. You’re a point here, right? Good job. Go ahead and get started on writing your opinion graphic organizer. Would you like to live in the past? Yes or no and to read and go ahead.

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