Posted: March 12th, 2023

Week 4 Assignment Mid – Course Project


The name of the game is TEAMWORK!  Like offensive lines protect quarterbacks, caddies support golfers, and trainers condition tennis players, both athletes and sports organizations require teamwork to succeed.  For this assignment, you will team-up with your fellow group classmates to tackle the Mid-Course Project.  As with all teams, each member possesses strengths and weaknesses, and great teams play to their team’s strengths, so wisely parse out separate duties to those with the talent to help the team shine in their respective areas.  But, you should pick a team Captain (as a team) to both guide the group and submit the final team mid-course project.

Here is your Mid-Course Project prompt:

Following a scandal involving a misappropriation of funds and unethical business practices, a sport organization’s owners fired, organization-wide, the sport management staff (not the athletes, coaches, trainers, etc.).  Your team, as well as a handful of other individuals working on revamping other aspects of the organization, were individually hired to bring the team back into compliance with various laws and regulations.  Each member of your team was hired in equivalent positions, but the owners handed you various projects without much direction other than “please, fix our organization.”

Immediately, your team recognizes that no preventive law plan exists.  Worse, the ousted staff members left with any organizational knowledge and history they may have possessed.  Accordingly, your team will need to develop an organic preventive law plan that positions your team for success in your particular areas.  What are those areas?  Well, the areas you have tackled through the first half of your sport law training of course–all employment law issues (including labor relations, collective bargaining, and discrimination), agency law matters, and participant liability and violence matters.

How you divvy your assignments will be up to your team, but your team will need to pick the type of sport your team works within.  You will create a twelve (12) page preventive law plan that tackles each aspect addressed thus far in the course, and utilize a minimum of one (1) outside resources per team member in your the final draft submitted for grading.  (This means that a team of five (5) members must integrate a minimum of seven outside resources, not including your Sharp textbook, the Bible, or statutes, cases, regulations, and rules.)  You may develop either an APA-style paper or a white paper, but you must submit one team project and cite all sources in APA format.  Review the rubric to get a sense of the expectations associated with your project.

This assignment accounts for fourteen (14) percent of your final grade.  Twenty percent (20%) of your assignment will be derived from peer evaluations required from each member of your group.  The team Captain must submit both (1) the final team Mid-Course Project and (2) a peer evaluation at the same time because the project link above will only allow submissions once.  All other teammates must submit their peer evaluations in the same way and the same location as they would submit an individualized paper.  You will find an editable PDF peer evaluation above, but your final team Mid-Course Project must be submitted in Word format.

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