Posted: February 26th, 2023

Week 5 assist

Prepare Interview Questions for Leader and Manager in Your Organization

By this time, you have set the foundation for the next step—meeting with leaders and managers in your organization. Armed with self-awareness of your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities, you are ready for the upcoming interaction with leaders and managers.

For your assignment this week, you will confirm the appointments you made in Week 2 to interview a leader and a manager within your organization. When preparing for any interview, it is necessary to have your interview questions prepared ahead of time. Sample interview questions for conducting an interview with a leader and a manager are included here.

As part of your assignment, you will submit 5 questions you plan to ask each of your interviewees. You may choose from the sample questions provided below, selecting no more than 3 questions for the leader’s interview and no more than 3 for the manager’s interview. In addition, you will create 2 questions of your own to use in your interviews of the leader and the manager. Your total number of questions submitted to your professor this week is 10, 5 for each individual being interviewed.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will provide an introduction that includes the purpose of your assignment, your goals for these interviews, and the process you used to request interviews with the leader and manager. Be sure to include any challenges you encountered when scheduling your interviews

You will then prepare a table that:

· Lists the questions you have selected to use in your interview of the leader and the manager

· Provides your rationale for each question you have selected/created for these interviews

· For each question (10 total), list the competency you believe is best associated with the question and why. As a refresher, you may use the latest ACHE Healthcare Executive Competency Assessment Tool found in your resources this week.

In your report conclusion, discuss your expectations for these interviews.

The purpose of this confidential interview is to validate concepts of leadership and management you have researched and reflected upon, and gain insight into the contributing factors leading to your interviewees’ successes in their roles. It is suggested you request an hour their time to be scheduled at their convenience. In respect of your interviewee’s time, once your questions have been reviewed by your professor, you should provide the open-ended interview questions to the leader and manager ahead of time.

In your Week 6 assignment, you will reflect on these interviews.

Below are sample interview questions from which you can select 3 from the leader column and 3 from the manager column. You will create 2 additional questions for each interview.

Did you have a mentor to guide your path to leadership?

Sample Interview Questions

Leaders (select 3)

Managers (select 3)

Describe the organizational culture and its influence on your role as a healthcare leader.

How do you show your non-clinical staff the value their work has on the quality of patient care?

How do you instill confidence in your executive team members?

What actions have you taken to create interdisciplinary or cross-functional teams?

How did you select your leadership team?

Do you see generational differences in work ethics among staff?

What role do the community stakeholders have in how your lead your organization?

What is your work/life balance advice?

How do you influence external philanthropic activities to benefit your organization financially?

What activities to you undertake for professional development as a healthcare manager?

How do you empower your staff? Please provide an example.

How often do you conduct self-assessment and reflection?

What strategies do you enlist to recruit, hire, and retain the best workforce for your organization?

What strategies do you employ when you encounter resistance to changes or new initiatives?

What professional development activities do you undertake to stay abreast of healthcare trends and issues?

What advice can you offer an emerging healthcare leader


What strategies do you employ to avoid professional burnout?

Did you have a mentor to guide your path to leadership?

What advice can you offer an emerging healthcare leader


What do you hope you will be known for as a leader?

3 – 5 pages, not including the title page or reference page.

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