Posted: February 26th, 2023

Week 5 Childrens Literature

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The purpose of this assignment is to create lessons that use quality children’s literature as a foundation for the skill, strategy, or content you will be teaching. While some classrooms still rely on textbooks as the primary text source for content area or ELA instruction, many districts have made the move away from textbook-centered curriculum to a curriculum that is instead built on quality pieces of children’s literature.



For this assignment, create a reading-focused lesson plan that is based on quality pieces of children’s literature meant to enhance student learning while engaging all types of diverse learners. 


Complete Parts 1 and 2 below. 


Part 1: Lesson Development 

Develop your lesson plan using the

Lesson Plan Template

. Include the following components in your lesson place: 

1. Central Focus of Lesson 

· Choose a K–8 grade level for your reading-focused lesson. 

· Select a quality piece of children’s literature. 

· Your selected book must be considered a multicultural text. See pp. 22–32 in
Literature and the Child for information about choosing quality multicultural literature. 

· Your selected literature must be the focal point of your lesson. For example, it cannot just be part of the assessment piece that students complete at the end of the lesson; it must be used within the lesson to teach the objectives of the lesson. 

2. Learning Objectives 

· Write at least 3 objectives for your reading lesson. 

· One of the objectives must address an element(s) of multicultural education. 

3. Materials 

· A list of materials, including the book you plan to use to teach the lesson 

· A plan for technology integration (i.e., for research, instruction, practice, assessment, or any adaptive or interactive devices) 

· Individual or group supports (any additional support(s) to engage diverse learners) 

4. Instructional Approach 

· Prior knowledge to get students excited about the lesson and to help them make connections with prior learning 

·  Instruction (I do) 

· What are the step-by-step procedures that you will model in the instructional portion of this lesson? 

· Guided Practice (We do) 

· What learning activity will the students do in a group setting that allows them to practice and apply what they have learned? 

· Independent Practice (You do) 

· What learning activity will the students do individually that allows them to practice and apply what they have learned? 

· Supports 

· What supports will you provide based on individual and group needs? Include supports for the whole class, groups of students with similar needs, individual students, and students with exceptional learning needs (i.e., IEPs or 504 plans and gifted/talented). 

· How will you modify your teaching to facilitate the academic achievement of students from diverse, racial, cultural, gender, and social class groups? 

· Closure: 

· How will you end the lesson (e.g., culminating activity or task)?

· Assessments 

· Create 1 formative and 1 summative assessment for your reading lesson. 


Part 2: Reflection 

Write a 150- to 200-word reflection on the process you took to select and incorporate multicultural children’s literature into your reading lesson plan. Consider the following questions: 

1. What are some challenges teachers might face when selecting quality multicultural children’s literature for classroom instruction? 

1. Explain how using literature can provide an understanding of diversity and multiple perspectives. 

1. How do you plan to regularly integrate children’s literature into your classroom instruction? 

1. How will you ensure that you are including culturally diverse literature in your lessons and classroom library? 


Compile your lesson and reflection into a Microsoft Word document or zipped file.


Submit your assignment.

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