Posted: March 12th, 2023

Week 5 Dialogue SPMT 301


For this week’s group dialogue, please respond to the prompt stated below. A grading rubric for this assignment can be found in the “Grades and Progress” section of the main menu. Locate the assignment and click on “View Rubric.”

This week’s dialogue prompt is:

Often times great information will be provided online.  Many law firms offer free, general information online, but remember that you are not receiving legal advice and general information will not protect you from lawsuits or other legal issues.  Nevertheless, look at the

50-state chart

generated by

Matthiesen, Wicker, & Lehrer, S.C.

, an insurance litigation firm, which outlines general information on provisions you will likely find in exculpatory agreements and liability waivers, as well as state-specific information.  This week, look for your home state (or future career’s home state) in the chart.  First, has your state enacted a statute pertaining to exculpatory agreements?  What drafting guidelines apply in your home state?  Are there any public policy concerns you should be aware of?  Moreover, look at a couple geographical neighboring states’ laws and policies.  Do you see any similarities or differences between your state and nearby sister states?  How might differences alter how you draft your exculpatory agreements or liability waivers?  And, are there any concerns with what you learned about exculpatory agreements in sports that conflict with what you see from this chart?  [You must properly cite your Sharp text and at least one outside resource using APA format, not including constitutional provisions, statutes, ordinances, or other laws, rules, and regulations.]

To submit your post, you can either click on the link above to directly access the Group Page or on your Group link on the side menu. When you are on the Group Page, click on the group highlighted for you. Once inside, click on the Discussion Board option. Then, click on the dialogue link for that week. Click on Add Thread to create a space for your post. Click Submit to make your post available to the rest of the class. To respond to other students’ threads, click on Reply button in the bottom left corner inside of a message.

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