Posted: February 26th, 2023

week 5

PART A:you have taught elementary students for many years, but this summer you accepted a position at a Middle School. As you plan for the upcoming year, do you think you will do anything differently regarding classroom management? Explain your answer. What behavioral issues will you focus on?

Response posts are to be at least 200 words in length. Original and response posts should incorporate materials from the text(s) and other substantive sources that contribute meaningfully to the conversation. References to works cited should follow APA guidelines. Your response posts should not be identical to those of your peers.

Marzano, R., Marzano, J., & Pickering, D. (2003).
Classroom management that works.

Part B: Student’s Responsibility for Management

Develop a student self-analysis form to be completed after a behavioral incident occurs. This form should include, but not be limited to: a description of the incident ( what happened, date, time, others involved), what the student’s actions were, how this should be resolved (possible consequences), what the student can do to prevent this from happening again, how the student feels about this incident. Be sure to make this self-analysis appropriate for the grade you teach or plan to teach.

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