Posted: February 26th, 2023

week 6 business research


Weekly Assignment:

In your textbook Business Research Methods 9th edition: 

-Analyze and answer Chapter 6 Questions for review and critical thinking: 

1. What is a decision statement? How does the focus on an irrelevant decision affect the research process? 

2. Define problem recognition. How is this process like translating text from one language into another? What role does “probing” play in this process? 

-Analyze and answer Chapter 6 Reseach Activities: 

2. Consider the current situation within your local university music department. Assuming it stages musical productions to which audiences are invited and for which tickets are sold, describe the marketing situation it faces. Prepare a research proposal that would help it address a key decision. 

Assignment must have at least 500 words and be written in APA style. Assignment must have at least 3 external references with corresponding in-text citations

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