Posted: February 27th, 2023

Week 8 Discussion

Week 8: Global Health & Course Reflection

Section 1: This section can be put into table format.

  • Using the U.S. as a high-income country, chose an upper or lower middle and low-income country for the table in the content section. 
  • Identify the leading causes of death and illness    
  • Identify infant mortality rates
  • Identify the life expectancy at birth rates m/f
  • Identify total expenditure on health per capita
  • Identify expenditure on health as % of GDP
  • Describe the health care system and how it is funded
  • What is the current identified number of COVID-19 cases?

Section 2:

  1. In the countries that you chose, do you see a correlation between economic status and the health of the population? Explain your answer, and give specifics.
  2. Read Coronavirus is exposing all of the weaknesses in the US health system.

The international response to 

the novel coronavirus

 has laid this bare: America was less prepared for a pandemic than countries with universal health systems”. (D. Scott, Vox). Agree? disagree? Why?

  1. In reflecting upon this assignment and the course readings on global health, why must we as nurses in the U.S. think globally regarding health, illness, and disease? How can we as a profession use our “power” our voice —to make an impact so needed in our world?

Course Reflection Discussion:
For the final discussion forum, I would like you to share a story of an” aha moment” you experienced during this course. Tell us the story of how it changed or will change your current practice, professional goals, or your life passion. There will be one general discussion forum to post your story. Use this opportunity to read through all of your group members’ stories and respond to at least two of your peer’s entries before Friday.

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