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case study

  • Week 7 Case Study Paper
  • • A thorough understanding of the topic

    • A critical assessment of all questions

    • At least two differential diagnoses, if applicable

    • At least two pharmacologic treatment modalities, if applicable

    • A well-developed treatment plans

    • A thorough patient education plan

    The body of your paper needs to be 3-4 pages long. This does NOT include the title

    page and reference page. Papers that are more than 4 pages long will not be accepted.

    You must reference a minimum of two scholarly sources in your paper.

    Use the current APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources.

    NURS_664A_DE – Case Study Paper Rubric

    NURS_664A_DE – Case Study Paper Rubric

    Criteria Ratings Pts

    This criterion is linked to a
    Learning Outcome Case Review 22 to >20.24 pts

    Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the
    topic(s) and issue(s). Provides a rich and detailed
    explanation to the questions. Description leaves the
    reader with a “holistic” picture of the patient’s history,
    diagnosis, management, treatment, and/or education.


    This criterion is linked to a
    Learning Outcome Analysis of

    28 to >25.76 pts
    Provides an in- depth, critical analysis of case study
    activity findings together with appropriate literature.
    Student insightfully and appropriately connects findings
    to specific clinical concepts, using carefully selected
    quotes, principles, and/or theories cited from course


    This criterion is linked to a
    Learning Outcome Application
    and Evaluation

    28 to >25.76 pts
    Consistently Illuminates knowledge and insights to be
    gained from case study. Discusses specific ways reader
    can use “lessons learned” in future clinical practices,
    outlining specific concrete action steps he/she


    This criterion is linked to a
    Learning Outcome

    20 to >18.4 pts
    Presents ideas thoughtfully and in-depth. Ideas are
    coherently and logically organized. It has an
    effective writing style, marked by language that is
    free from errors in mechanics, usage, and
    sentence structure.


    This criterion is linked to a
    Learning Outcome Evidence-
    based Research

    20 to >18.4 pts
    Supplements case study with relevant and appropriate
    research into the present case study; clearly and
    thoroughly documents all sources of information.


    This criterion is linked to a
    Learning Outcome APA and
    Mechanics 22 to >20.24 pts

    The assignment consistently follows the current APA
    format and is free from errors in formatting, citation,
    and references. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation
    errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly.


    Total Points: 140

    Case Study Option #2:

    STI Maria is a 46-year-old Hispanic female who comes to your clinic complaining of a lesion in
    her vaginal area that she recently noticed while bathing. Maria came to the U.S. from Mexico

    over 10 years ago, but her husband was not able to join her until just two months ago. Maria
    reports she abstained from sexual activity during the years she was separated from her
    husband and is not aware of any sexual activity on the part of her husband. Maria and her

    husband have been sexually active since his arrival in the U.S. two months ago. Maria reports
    she has not been to a health care provider while in the United States because she has no
    insurance coverage. She has no medical records and has not had any screenings or well-woman
    exam visits for over a decade. Maria has three healthy, grown children all delivered vaginally
    without pregnancy or delivery complications. Her mother is 62, lives in Mexico, and suffers

    from diabetes and hypertension. Her father died from colon cancer at age 55. Maria’s LMP was
    one week ago, and all of her VS are WNL. Upon PE, you note a lesion on the left labia minora
    that has the appearance of a chance, and you note that it is not painful to Maria when touched.

    1. What are your presumptive and differential diagnoses?

    2. What screening and/or diagnostic tests will you perform/order to ascertain the correct
    diagnosis and what current screenings will you recommend in adherence to evidence-based

    3. What is pathophysiology? Describe all stages, modes of transmission, any incubation periods.

    4. What is the evidence-based treatment guidelines for this diagnosis?

    5. How will you explain this diagnosis and plan of care to Maria?

      Week 7 Case Study Paper

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