Posted: March 11th, 2023

What is Mental Health?


Assignment Details

You will select 1 of the 5 topics for your Discussion Board (DB). Please read the instructions for the DB assignments carefully because they are different from your other classes that you have had DBs in.

Selecting 1 of the 5 topics, you will be required to submit a 300-word minimum main topic posting. Your initial posting should be analytical, persuasive, or reflective in nature. Keep in mind that you will be choosing a different topic for your Individual Project (IP). Please add your references to the main topic posting (required). You are encouraged to do research on the topic from other sources. Each classmate’s response should be a minimum of 100 words per response. Your option is to respond to postings that concern your main topic selection, or you may respond to postings from classmates that have to do with one of the other four topics.

The following topics come from the reading assignments for this week and are all located in the AIU online Library:

Topic 1: Defining “Mental Illness” in Mental Health Policy

Goldman, H. H., & Grob, G. G. (2006). Defining ‘mental illness’ in mental health policy. Health Affairs, 25(3), 737–749.

Topic 2: Cultural Misconceptions and Public Stigma About Mental Illness

Al-Rawashdeh, A. B., Alnjadat, R. M., Younis, M. B., Rayan, A., Harb, A., & Al-Aaraj, H. (2021). Cultural misconceptions and public stigma about mental illness. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, 15(2), 1873–1878.

Topic 3: What Do People Believe Caused Their Mental Illness?

Maguire, P. A., Reay, R.E., & Looi, J. C. L. (2022). What do people believe caused their mental illness? Australian Psychiatry, 30(1), 137–138.

Topic 4: What Could Influence Workers’ Decisions to Disclose a Mental Illness at Work?

Dewa, C. S., Van Weeghel, J., Joosen, M. C. W., & Brouwers, E. P. M. (2020). What could influence workers’ decisions to disclose a mental illness at work? International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 11(3), 119–127.

Topic 5: Mental Health Training, Attitudes Toward Support, and Screening Positive For Mental Disorders

Carleton, R. N., Afifi, T. O., Turner, S., Taillieu, T., Vaughan, A. D., Anderson, G. S. Ricciardelli, R., MacPhee, R. S., Cramm, H. A. Czarnuch, S., Hozempa, K., & Camp, R. D. (2020). Mental health training, attitudes toward support, and screening positive for mental disorders. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 49(1), 55–73.

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