Writing a Plagiarism Free Essay

Academic dishonesty can manifest in various ways, but this section focuses mainly on plagiarism, with the goal of instructing students on how to write an essay free of plagiarism. Plagiarism can be defined as the act of presenting someone else’s concepts, ideas, words, or discoveries as your own. While it is acceptable to reference others’ ideas, concepts, words, or discoveries, failing to give credit constitutes plagiarism. This rule applies to both written and oral work.

Why is it necessary to cite your sources?

The primary reason for citing sources when writing your custom essay, term paper, book report, or research paper is academic integrity. Failure to properly reference your sources will result in accusations of plagiarism, and acknowledging your sources not only helps you avoid this accusation, but also helps your professor better understand your work. There are several benefits to referencing your sources, such as providing reliable and trustworthy sources for your professor to use in seeking further information on the topic, allowing them to verify the correctness of your use of sources, helping you understand whether your work is an original idea or a synthesis of others, and demonstrating how you arrived at your ideas.

Essential References to Include in Your Plagiarism-Free Essays

If you are uncertain about referencing your sources, you can always use the help of a Essayby service to buy an essay or buy a term paper. It is impossible to list all the cases where referencing is necessary, but it applies to any instance where you use someone else’s ideas, concepts, words, or discoveries. For example, if you present Newton’s Law of Gravity as your own theory or use the original language of a Supreme Court opinion without citing the primary source, you will be accused of plagiarism. Copying from someone else’s paper during an exam is also considered plagiarism. You should also be aware that submitting a paper purchased from an essay writing company constitutes plagiarism unless the university can prove that you purchased it.

To excel in writing plagiarism-free essays, it is essential to acknowledge not only language borrowed from printed or online sources but also nonverbal documents such as artistic and musical presentations, experiments, and graphs. Additionally, ideas widely held to the point of challenging citation and phrases in common use do not need to be referenced in your custom essay or term paper.

Plagiarism Free Essay: Stage 1- First Draft

There are several reasons why students find it difficult to express their thoughts in writing. It could be due to uncertainty about what to say, self-doubt, harsh self-criticism, or simply not being able to find the right words. Additionally, past negative experiences may also impact their confidence in writing.

To overcome these challenges when learning to write a custom or plagiarism-free essay, it is important to remember that the first draft is often chaotic. It is okay to release all your random thoughts and ideas on paper without worrying about perfect phrasing. Rule number one is to experiment with your writing and remember that you are the only reader of your first draft. If needed, seek help from Essayby to buy an essay or research paper.

Brainstorming is also a helpful technique to plan your work carefully. Even professional writers use the first draft to get their ideas out and create a foundation for the second draft. It is important to believe in your ability to write plagiarism-free essays and exchange ideas with other writers without fear of criticism.

When writing custom essays, the first draft is usually the most difficult step, and it is important not to overly criticize yourself if things do not go as planned. Instead, keep exploring various essay writing options and take note of any new materials that may add value to your work. Remember that it is better to have too much material than too little when writing an essay, term paper, or coursework.

Plagiarism Free Essay: Stage 2- concentration

After writing down your first draft ideas, the next stage is rewriting, which allows you to refine your custom essay or term paper by expressing your ideas more clearly and molding them from concepts found elsewhere. By thoroughly analyzing even the most outlandish ideas, you may find hidden gems. Plagiarism-free essay writing is a challenging task, but with diligence and enthusiasm, you can hone your writing skills to create an almost perfect piece.

Take time to read and re-read your work, focusing on the strongest points of your custom essay, book report, article review, or research paper, and use them as a foundation to build your essay from scratch, ensuring it remains plagiarism-free.

Rewritten: It is possible that upon reviewing your custom essay or term paper, you may realize that something is missing and changes need to be made. Perhaps you forgot to include the main idea or neglected to write a thesis statement. Additional research may be necessary or a closer examination of the coursework instructions. Irrelevant events may have been included in your custom essay, book report, article review, or research paper and should be removed. During the process of writing your custom plagiarism free essay, you may also need to expand or shrink your writing or realize that a more accurate answer is required.

It is common for the initial idea that you had intended to convey in your writing to be different, even opposite, from what is presented in the final draft, particularly in the English language. However, writing is a learning process. Taking an open approach and actively seeking discovery through writing can assist in resolving any difficulties encountered in writing an argumentative essay or argumentative research paper.

During the refinement process, it is important to verify the accuracy of the facts used in your custom essay or term paper, the logic behind those facts, and the final conclusions drawn. It is essential to verify the exact definitions of any keywords used in your essay, book report, term paper, dissertation, or any other area where you may have doubts.

Plagiarism Free Essay: Stage 3-Editing

The final step in the writing process is editing. Editing encompasses several processes in writing, but it mainly involves refining your custom essay, term paper, coursework, or article review to make it suitable for your professor or peers to read. Essentially, editing requires you to review your essay or term paper and make it as high-quality and plagiarism-free as possible.

Editing can be divided into two sub-levels: “big picture” and “micro-level”. Big picture editing focuses on analyzing the structure of the custom essay or term paper to determine if the main essay question has been answered and if the key topics have been addressed. It also looks at whether the essay, term paper, or argumentative research paper contains a clear introduction and conclusion, if it presents an example of plagiarism-free writing by being logically ordered and constructed, if the writer restates the key points presented in the introduction in conclusion, and whether any important aspects are missing from the essay or research paper, or if any irrelevant matters are included.

On the other hand, micro-editing examines the finer details of the custom essay or term paper, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Most micro-editing is done in the final stage of writing plagiarism-free essays or term papers. It’s important to polish the custom essay before submitting it. Ambiguous language can make the meaning of your sentences difficult to understand and may alter the ideas presented in your essay, article review, book report, or term paper.

While presenting a word-perfect plagiarism-free essay is impressive and a definite advantage for English courses, it’s not necessary to worry about fine-tuning your custom essay or term paper until the final draft editing. You don’t have to be concerned about spelling and grammar mistakes until you reach the final stage of your essay or term paper writing. The main focus should be on developing the ideas, structure, and relevant depictions.

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